Angular React in Salesforce Lightning

Angular JS/Salesforce

React and Angular apps as Lightning Components

Recently, I have been giving a talk on the local Salesforce Developers group meetup concerning the React and Angular applications, why and how to use them in Salesforce Lightning. Apparently, the more and more companies become interested in using the third party frameworks for Salesforce development to reduce their costs. That is why I also […]

Modern Salesforce Web Apps. Data Visualization

Angular JS/Salesforce

Modern Salesforce Web Apps. Part 2: Data Visualization

This series of articles is about building modern Salesforce web applications. In the first part, I was creating an Angular2 SPA within SF environment. Shortly, what is a web application? It’s a client-side software application which runs in a browser. The modern web apps are single-page applications (SPA). Related to Wikipedia, it’s an app which […]

Modern Salesforce Web App

Angular JS/Salesforce

Modern Salesforce Web Apps. Part 1: Angular2

Nowadays JavaScript is everywhere. It has a vast ecosystem of open-source libraries, frameworks, superset languages, and tools. With all these technologies available you can build highly interactive and very complex web applications. For instance, Netflix uses ReactJS library, and InvisionApp uses both ReactJS and AngularJS in their web application. JavaScript also becomes very handy for […]

Salesforce Visualforce app using Angular

Angular JS/Salesforce

Build Salesforce Visualforce app using AngularJS

Salesforce is considered to be the worst technology for developers in 2015. However, it’s still number one CRM system in the world and is perfect for businesses. It’s fast, customizable and secure. Along with such JavaScript frameworks as AngularJS, you can build modern and useful web applications. In this post, I will show you how […]

Angular JS/Salesforce

Reference AngularJS templates within a VisualForce

I‘m doing a lot of Angular + Salesforce work right now. When I’ve just started, I noticed that reference template file to a VisualForce page is tricky. In this article, I’ll explain the three common ways of referencing AngularJS templates. I’ll also mention the drawbacks of each approach.Let’s say we have a simple Angular application […]