User-Friendly. Intuitive. Powerful.

We help customers implement the user-centred approach to make complex systems and data more accessible and understandable by users. We design enterprise interfaces to optimize business processes and avoid mistakes. 

Our systems are exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive which drastically reduces support requests, time spent on customer/partner training, and time-to-market. 

All our systems are highly responsive, interactive, and user-friendly.

Let Our Experience Guide You

Your company needs user interface and data visualization solutions that meet your needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we are committed to a consultative approach. 

Our experts will get to know your business so we can build solutions tailored to meet your company’s unique needs and integrate seamlessly with your organizational culture.

Design-Driven Approach

We use D3.js library to visualize enterprise data in the user interface. We use a design-driven approach to not only present the data but also create an environment. Data visualization helps companies represent data in a format that makes simplifies decision making. Our clean and intuitive user interfaces optimize the process from start to finish.

Case Study: Flowhaven - “The Most Intuitive Licensing Software in the Industry”

We partnered with Flowhaven to build a brand licensing management AppExchange product. The result was hailed as the “most intuitive” licensing software in the industry.

  • We designed the interface and all the user interactions to modernize the way entertainment companies run their licensing programs and eventually maximize revenue.
  • We developed a custom web application on top of the Salesforce platform and distributed it in the AppExchange store.
  • We integrated the application with various external data sources (such as Dropbox, GDrive) allowing their clients to manage content assets in the cloud and realize huge savings on storage costs.
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