Get free, 500€ guaranteed, UX or IT consultation

We will help your business or give you a 500€ gift! Submit a form and receive the free consultation questionnaire right into your email. It will help us to prescreen candidates to choose the one who will benefit the most from the current offer.

Do you have any digital challenge or performance issue? Your system is not scalable or is difficult to use?

Never shared, never spammed.

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What's the offer?

We do different kinds of consulting and have a certain amount of ongoing projects. While working on them, we managed to find time to help some other companies as well.

We offer you a free one-hour user experience or IT consultation to solve a specific challenge or problem that your business has.

If we could not solve your problem or our recommendations would not bring a positive, measured effect, we will compensate you with 500€ gift for bothering you.

How to apply?

Of course, we don’t have enough spare time and cannot help everyone for free.

That is why we kindly ask you to provide your email address.

Once you apply for a free consultation, you will receive the link to a questionnaire.

We will use provided information to pick the candidate who will benefit the most from us.

We will never spam you or share the email address.

Why we do this?

We do this for the one simple reason.

We believe in the long-term relationship. That if we would help you and you will be satisfied with the results you get, sometime in future, you will remember us and either try our paid services or recommend us to your network.

Nevertheless, the offer is not binding to anything.