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Ikla Puustinen, CEO at BiiT

Digital Flask has helped us with multiple projects where modern visual and UI design has been needed.
They have exceptional Angular expertise and desire to create user friendly and efficient user experience to end-users.
We can gladly recommend Digital Flask and we'll continue do joint projects and cooperation in the future as well.

— Ikla Puustinen
CEO, BiiT Oy
Sandra Mittica, COO at FundYou

Digital Flask have been a corner stone in the successful implementation of our crowdfunding platform.
The impeccable web designs they created through their solid knowledge of user experience has enabled a seamless experience of our platform for our users and clients. Their experience of SEO and digital marketing best practices has made it possible for us to achieve positive results in a swift and seamless matter.

— Sandra Mittica
COO, FundYou Oy