Delivering Custom Products for Salesforce

We specialize in building highly interactive, custom web applications on the Salesforce platform.

We deliver projects of any difficulty and frequently exceed the standard Salesforce limitations.

All our systems are highly responsive, interactive, and user-friendly.

What’s Included

  • Standard Salesforce consulting and development – This includes platform setup, system administration tasks, and lightning component development
  • Customer and partner community development – All our applications are highly customizable to meet your brand style guides and your company’s unique needs.
  • AppExchange Product Development – Application development for the robust and rapidly growing Salesforce marketplace.

Let Our Experience Guide You

Our experts will work closely with you to determine your needs and develop solutions that fit your business by creating web applications built for your business on top of the Salesforce platform.

The consulting process is crucial to development. We know every business is different so we will get to know yours, we are here to help you step away from the one-size-fits-all options and develop 100% custom products that are tailored to your business’ unique needs.

How Innovestor eliminated the cost of 2,113 Salesforce licenses

Read about DigitalFlask helped Innovestor enhance their co-investment platform.

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Keeping Your Data Secure

Data security must be at the forefront of any application development. Let our experts give you peace of mind, knowing your data is fully secure.

Custom app development requires careful implementation of object-level security, field-level security, and record-level security. We are here to keep your data safe every step of the way from development through implementation and beyond.

Why Build a Custom Application for Salesforce?

A custom-built application integrates with your existing Salesforce CRM to optimize your ability to make use of the CRM data you already have. We’ll look at what you want to accomplish and build an app to get you there so you can take full advantage of the powerhouse platform Salesforce offers to supercharge your CRM, extending its reach and functionality.

Case Study: Flowhaven - “The Most Intuitive Licensing Software in the Industry”

We partnered with Flowhaven to build a brand licensing management AppExchange product. The result was hailed as the “most intuitive” licensing software in the industry.

  • We designed the interface and all the user interactions to modernize the way entertainment companies run their licensing programs and eventually maximize revenue.
  • We developed a custom web application on top of the Salesforce platform and distributed it in the AppExchange store.
  • We integrated the application with various external data sources (such as Dropbox, GDrive) allowing their clients to manage content assets in the cloud and realize huge savings on storage costs.
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