Integrate. Optimize. Maximize.

With so many software and hardware systems running side-by-side, integrating those systems to work together can be a daunting task. We help companies maximize the benefits of system integrations to optimize workflow and data management. 

We ensure that all your subsystems work together seamlessly as a single, powerful system. 

Let Our Experience Guide You

Whether you’re looking to integrate external cloud storages to CRM/ERP systems, custom MailChimp integration with CRM, online banking SSO with partner communities, sync data between your website and ERP system, or any other crucial business integration, our experts are here to help.

As with any of our services, consultation is key. We know every business is different so we will get to know yours. Our experts will work closely with you to determine your needs, map your systems, and develop a seamless integration plan.

How Innovestor eliminated the cost of 2,113 Salesforce licenses

Read about DigitalFlask helped Innovestor enhance their co-investment platform.

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Benefits of Systems Integration

In the modern business world, data is king, and automation is a rapidly growing reality. Aligning your systems and processes has become crucial for any company that wants to operate efficiently. Attempting to manage all your systems individually is time-consuming and prone to human error.  

Integrating your systems increases efficiency, simplifies a multitude of processes, reduces redundancies, optimizes your employees time, and improves overall system performance as each sub-system is able to draw from and build on the others. An integrated approach to systems management also reduces potential disruption from having your data spread out across multiple, unlinked systems.

Case Study: Flowhaven - “The Most Intuitive Licensing Software in the Industry”

We partnered with Flowhaven to build a brand licensing management AppExchange product. The result was hailed as the “most intuitive” licensing software in the industry.

  • We designed the interface and all the user interactions to modernize the way entertainment companies run their licensing programs and eventually maximize revenue.
  • We developed a custom web application on top of the Salesforce platform and distributed it in the AppExchange store.
  • We integrated the application with various external data sources (such as Dropbox, GDrive) allowing their clients to manage content assets in the cloud and realize huge savings on storage costs.
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