Getting started with Microsoft OneDrive Integration

strong { font-weight: bold; } For the past few years, I have been working a lot with the third party integrations. Especially, external data sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive. Eventually, those integrations help customers manage their assets with ease and reduce data storage costs. I would like to share my experience […]

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Web Integrations

Getting started with Microsoft OneDrive Integration

For the past few years, I have been working a lot with the third party integrations. Especially, external data sources such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive. Eventually, those integrations help customers manage their assets with ease and reduce data storage costs. I would like to share my experience of integrating services starting with […]

Extend Angular Router to support escape characters


Extend Angular Router to support encoding characters

Today I would like to talk about a particular case when building an Angular application. I, personally, face this issue while building an online banking integration to Salesforce. TUPAS is a digital authentication method created by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. The actual problem was with special characters such as “äö,” so-called ääkköset in […]

Third-party frameworks


Podcast: Third-party frameworks for Salesforce

Podcast Episode: Third-party frameworks for Salesforce Are Visualforce and Lightning Components still the only ways to develop Salesforce applications? Hopefully, there are alternatives! Recently, I had a chance to talk with Xi Xiao for his podcast series and share our experience on using third-party JavaScript frameworks to build modern apps on SF platform. What are […]

Angular React in Salesforce Lightning

Angular JS/Salesforce

React and Angular apps as Lightning Components

Recently, I have been giving a talk on the local Salesforce Developers group meetup concerning the React and Angular applications, why and how to use them in Salesforce Lightning. Apparently, the more and more companies become interested in using the third party frameworks for Salesforce development to reduce their costs. That is why I also […]

Angular Redux structure style guide thumbnail


Angular + Redux Style Guide. Part 2.

T his post will be a continuation of a large-scale Angular application style guide. Previously, I was talking about the best practices of structuring a project for better maintainability. Now, I would like to reveal the practices for structuring the Redux store. The Redux is very important in large projects with a very complex state. […]

Date picker component for Angular


How to create shared date picker component in Angular 4

Choosing the date is a common task in the web forms. There is a default input element with the type date but, unfortunately, it’s neither supported by all the browsers nor very handy to use. In the first version of the Flowhaven, we were using the external date picker module to solve the issue. Recently, […]

Angular Project File Structure. Part 1.


Angular + Redux Project Structure Best Practices.
Part 1.

Large-scale Angular applications. What are the best practices to structure your project so it would be comparatively more comfortable to develop and maintain it? There are plenty of existing style guides. Consider checking at least these two: official Angular guidelines and John Papa’s style and file structure. Likewise others, I also decided to share my […]

Why did we choose Angular over the React


Why did we choose Angular over the React?

Choosing the front-end framework and tools can be intimidating for the beginner programmers. There are just so many options to choose. As a UX lead at Flowhaven, I’m responsible for the whole user experience process and front-end development. We have built an ERP solution for the brand licensing using Angular 1 on top of a […]


Communicate between Angular components via @NgRx

In the previous article, I explained how to communicate between Angular components using Observables. I also mentioned Redux. I indeed love the idea of a single immutable and, eventually, predictable state. I would like to introduce a @ngrx/store library which is a Reactive implementation of Redux for Angular. It might be the overkill for small […]

Communication between Angular2+ components via Observables


Communication between Angular2+ components via Observables

How to communicate from one Angular component to another? That’s a common question. The reason for that is a problem importance. It becomes even more important if you have a lot of components and need to notify them about changes in different places. Redux does a good job on that, and I like it. But […]


Angular Reusable Multi Select Component

For the past year, I’ve been working a lot with Angular, building web applications for enterprises. Eventually, I was needed to create a multi-select input component. HTML has a default element for that purpose. But it doesn’t look good by default and we can’t fully control it. These factors make such element not the best […]

Optimize Image Assets: SVG

Front-End Optimization

Optimize Image Assets for Web: SVG.

I noticed that even in 2017 many websites on the internet still haven’t optimized their static assets. For instance, people keep using individual PNGs for each icon. It requires a bigger amount of requests to a server, and the web browser needs to download bigger files. Eventually, it results in slower loading speed of the […]

Data visualization with JavaScript. Design-driven approach


Data Visualization with JS. Design-Driven Approach

I am a self-taught programmer, and my formal education is in business. I remember when I start learning I was practicing a lot, doing a lot of various projects, and trying to do everything from scratch. I believe that the best way to learn anything is learning by doing. Facing challenges and solving them will […]

Modern Salesforce Web Apps. Data Visualization

Angular JS/Salesforce

Modern Salesforce Web Apps. Part 2: Data Visualization

This series of articles is about building modern Salesforce web applications. In the first part, I was creating an Angular2 SPA within SF environment. Shortly, what is a web application? It’s a client-side software application which runs in a browser. The modern web apps are single-page applications (SPA). Related to Wikipedia, it’s an app which […]

Modern Salesforce Web App

Angular JS/Salesforce

Modern Salesforce Web Apps. Part 1: Angular2

Nowadays JavaScript is everywhere. It has a vast ecosystem of open-source libraries, frameworks, superset languages, and tools. With all these technologies available you can build highly interactive and very complex web applications. For instance, Netflix uses ReactJS library, and InvisionApp uses both ReactJS and AngularJS in their web application. JavaScript also becomes very handy for […]


Custom Multilingual Support for AngularJS

Nowadays, any kinds of web applications often require a multilingual support. In this post, I will demonstrate how to build custom multilingual support for your Angular app using browser’s cache and promises. This solution is easy and doesn’t have any dependencies. While learning front-end development, I’ve noticed that reading documentation and building things by yourself […]

e-Commerce usability problems

User Experience

4 common e-commerce usability problems

Nowadays almost everybody had an online shopping experience. Buy products online is easy, it saves your time and is available 24/7. But not every online shopping experience goes smoothly. Want to know how improve the shopping experience of your customers and increase conversions? This post will be about four e-commerce usability problems which might affect […]

UX Storyboard

User Experience

UX Storyboarding the Introduction

People use storyboarding in many areas, for instance, animation and movie production. But it’s a part of UX prototyping tools as well. In this post, I will introduce what is storyboarding in the world of user experience, it’s advantages and give you tips on creating your first storyboard. Context As all we know, UX is […]


Send data from one Angular component to another

Kind of complicated task is to send data from one component or controller in Angular to another. It’s not so hard to share the data between different controllers using services. But, what if you would like to be able to update data from outside of the controller as well? Let’s say we have a simple […]